About Me

Hi! My name is Joshua Peeples (feel free to call me Josh). I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). After my graduation from UAB, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Machine Learning at the University of Florida (UF) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). I worked with Dr. Alina Zare in the Machine Learning and Sensing Lab to research and develop novel algorithms for a variety of applications.

Upon acceptance into the Ph.D. program, I was recognized with the UF Graduate School Preeminence Award, Iva and Norman Tucker UF Transportation Institute Fellowship, UF Board of Education Summer Fellowship and the Florida Education Fund’s McKnight Doctoral Fellowship. In 2018, I was also blessed to receive the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. In addition to research, I was activately involved in graduate student organizations and outreach opportunities.

After earning my Ph.D., I was selected for the Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Fellows Program at Texas A&M University (TAMU). I joined the TAMU ECE Department as an ACES Faculty Fellow and will later transition to the Tenure-Track Assistant Professor role (expected Fall 2024). I am leading my research lab and teaching courses to advance the knowledge and understanding in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision.


Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Florida

June 2017 - May 2022

Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Florida

June 2017 - December 2019

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (minor in Mathematics)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

August 2013 - April 2017
Magna Cum Laude